Pharmacology Video Lecture

Pharmacology Video Lecture contains important video lecturers of pharmacology subjects for pharmacy students. These lectures are mainly for pharmacy students but equally useful for medical, nursing and paramedical students.

1. (a) Antihypertensive Drugs Part I

(b) Antihypertensive Drugs Part II

(c) Antihypertensive Drugs Part III

2. Sympathomimetic Drugs

3. Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Catecholamines

4. Sympatholytic Drugs (Alpha Adrenergic Blockers)

5. Cholinergic Drugs

6. Anticholinergic Drugs

7. Opioid Analgesics

8. (a) Antiepilectic Drugs Part I

(b) Antiepilectic Drugs Part II

9. Drugs Acting on Peptic Ulcer

10. Local Anaesthetics

11. Antitubercular Drugs

12. Antigout Drugs (Drugs acting on Gout)

13. (a) Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) Part I

14. (b) Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) Part II

15. General Pharmacology (Introduction of Drugs)

16. General Pharmacology (Routes of Drug Administration)

17. (a) General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics (Absorption of Drugs) Part I

(b) General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics (Absorption of Drugs) Part II

(c) General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics (Absorption of Drugs) Part III

18. General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics (Distribution of Drugs)

19. General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics (Metabolism of Drugs)

20. General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics (Excretion of Drugs)

21. General Pharmacology Pharmacodynamics

22. (a) Antibiotics (Beta Lactam Antibiotics Penicillin) Part I

(b) Antibiotics (Beta Lactam Antibiotics Penicillin) Part II

(c) Antibiotics (Beta Lactam Antibiotics Cephalosporin) Part III

23. Antibiotics (Tetracycline and Chloramphenicol)

24. Antibiotics (Macrolide Antibiotic)

25. Antibiotics (Fluoroquinolones)

26. Antibiotics (Aminoglycosides)

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