Factors that affects our skin

Factors that affects our skin - In the very last article, we had talked about some of the natural items which help you to maintain your skin silky, smooth and healthy naturally.

factors that affects our skin

And today we are going to talk about some of those factors which may affect your skin and make it harsh, dull and unhealthy. So, among all the other, some of the factors are as follows:

Firstly, there are two types of factors which may affect our skin. They are external factors and internal factors.

External Factors

1. Environmental Exposures

factors that affects our skin

Among this, the changes occur in the climate is included. It includes hot, cold, rain, wind and some sudden changes in temperature.

Including all these pollution and poor air quality is also a major factor, these factors damage our skin by making it dry and dehydrate.

2. Lack in skincare

In the present busy lifestyle, most of the people do not have enough time to spare for their body.

And this lack of skincare or incorrect skincare is a major factor for skin damage or skin related diseases.

And if we take an example, poor hygiene of the skin may lead to acne and if you use wrong products for your skin type, then it may lead to premature wrinkles and other damages.

3. Damage from the sun

factors that affects our skin

Sun damage or photoaging is the main reason for the premature ageing of the skin. A limited time in the sun rays is beneficial as it provides vitamin D but excess is harmful.

The harmful rays which are exerted by the sun break down the supportive structure, it damages all the important collagen and elastin that maintain our skin tight and flexible.

Skin that is damaged due to sun have more wrinkles and deeper line as compared to the undamaged skin.

And with this damage, the texture of the skin will be tougher, dehydrated, thicker, rougher, uneven skin tone and there may be areas of prominent blood vessels.

4. Chemical Products

factors that affects our skin

Skin is naturally slightly acidic; it has a pH of 4.7 to 5.75. But some of the chemical products like sodium lauryl sulphate and moisturising products with an alkaline pH proves to be dangerous for the skin.

These products weaken the skin’s natural neutralising capacity, lessen the barrier function of the outermost layer of the skin and also damage cell structure.

As a result of this our skin may become harsh, dry and sensitive or even hypersensitive. And the sensitive skin can easily get skin infections and flare-ups of diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis or

Sensitive skin and Hypersensitive skin are caused because of the use and consumption of the harsh skin care products which damages it.

Internal Factors

1. Genetic Factors

factors that affects our skin

The type of the skin is determined by the person’s gene. It can be dry, oily, normal or combination. Genetics are also responsible for the biological aging of the skin.

It is cause because of these reasons:

  • Degeneration of elastic fibres by which the elasticity of the skin reduced.
  • Reduction of sebaceous and sweat gland secretion.
  • Decline of the regeneration and renewal of cells.
  • Degeneration of the connective tissue. Because of which skin is less able to bind in water and loses firmness.

2. Hormones

factors that affects our skin

Hormones and changes in their level can also affect our skin:

  • In the stage of pregnancy, because of the hormones the production of melanin increased and a form of hyperpigmentation known as melasma.
  • Hormonal changes can increase the acne of puberty.
  • Female estrogenic levels decline as part of the biological aging procedure and specially after the menopause. Estrogen has a helpful effect on the moisture balance of skin and its decline leads to structural changes and the age-related atrophy of skin.

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