Top 10 benefits of Morning Walk

Top 10 benefits of Morning Walk - One of the best habits to make your body healthy and disease free is none other than the habit of morning walk.

Morning walk is very beneficial and essential for health. As it gives us a sense of happiness, calms our agitated nerves, and relaxes the mind, body and soul.

And also, we can only find such a pure oxygen in these concrete jungles in the couple of morning hours.

top 10 benefits of morning walk

And did you know that the 30 minutes of morning walk is as equal to the 2 hours of hard work out in gym.

And it is referred to walk between 5:00 AM to7:00 AM because it is the time when the nature shows you its beauty.

And also helps you to remain healthy and maintain your health. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of morning walk on our body and health:

1.  It helps to reduce diabetes

top 10 benefits of morning walk

Today, diabetes is the most common predominant lifestyle-related diseases that we can find in most of the peoples.

But there is a very easy way to overcome this disease, and the way is a 30 minutes morning walk. It is scientifically proven that a morning walk of 30 minutes will help to improve the blood sugar level.

This walk helps the cells of the muscles to absorb or use more glucose, which helps to burn more body fats which are not needed to the body and it also improves the Body Mass Index (BMI).

2. It helps you to lose weight

top 10 benefits of morning walk

Among all other problems, obesity is also spreading widely and with a very fast speed. According to
a research done by an organization on 1st July 2017, around 774,000,000 peoples from 7,505,257,673 are suffering from obesity and over weighting.

To overcome this problem, among all the ways, the best way is the morning walk. But it should be done in a fast speed to more calories and it would be more effective and helpful for our body.

Nothing is better than a brisk morning walk of 30-40 minutes. Which helps to elevate the heart rate and burn calories which is very essential for weight loss.

According to research, walking not only helps the obese peoples to lose weight but also strengthen the muscles and also improves body flexibility.

3. It boosts the function of brain

top 10 benefits of morning walk

As we know that morning walk has several benefits but, do we know that it helps to protect memory and also increases thinking skills.

Morning walk has a very positive effect on the mind. As we walk, it accelerated the oxygen and blood supply to the brain and this leads to increase memory, mental alertness and brain function.

With the increasing age, the brain also gets old and do not function as before. But if a person goes for a morning walk regularly, it increases the brain volume and also increase the brain function in the old ones.

4. It is beneficial for our heart

top 10 benefits of morning walk

If you are suffering from any of the heart related problem, then running is not a good way to solve that or getting relief in that problem.

Instead of running, you have to choose other ways such as a morning walk. Morning walk has tremendous cardiovascular benefits.

According to the American Heart Association, brisk walk or we can say walking in speed could help to reduce the risk of strokes and heart diseases.

If a morning walk of around 30 minutes is in your daily routine, so it will help to control your blood pressure, blood circulation and also strengthens your heart. And morning walk also prevents hypertension.

5. It prevents depression

top 10 benefits of morning walk

One in every ten persons is suffering from depression. Depression is a very dangerous problem, as along with it many other diseases and problem also emerges in the body.

Such as some kind of disorder and it even leads to death in youngsters and adults. And like other problems it also has a solution.

If you can just get up and go out for a saunter, you can defeat and finish the fear of others in your head. It is not a phrase; it also has a scientific reason.

When we walk, the natural pain killing endorphins could easily flows throughout the body and helps in these problems.

A brisk walk of around 35 to 60 minutes is found quite effective in the condition of depression patients.

According to an article published in Scientific American, a 200 minutes of walk per week could help in staying positive and it also makes you feel energetic.

6. It boosts the immune system

top 10 benefits of morning walk

As we read earlier that morning walk has several health benefits. Including them it also improves or boosts your immune system.

Morning walk has wonderful effects on our body. It supplies the oxygen throughout the body, improves blood circulation, helps us to stay positive, etc.

A morning walk of 30 minutes per day will help you to strengthen your immune system and will protect you from various problem and illness.

7. It improves the lungs capacity and stamina

top 10 benefits of morning walk

A walk can help to increase the oxidation reaction in the cells of our body. Because, these reactions demand a higher amount of oxygen.

And to fulfil the need, the lungs have to pump extra oxygen. And this leads to the increase in the capacity of the lungs.

To make our lungs healthy and to maintain their health, we have to practise a brisk morning walk of 20-30 minutes every day.

Including these, lung benefits it will also help us to improve the stamina and strength of our body in every condition.

8.  It gives energy to the body

top 10 benefits of morning walk

A brisk morning walk will help our body to circulate the oxygen properly and to every part of the body.

During the walk, pulse rate rapidly increases, we start sweating and suddenly, we feel alertness and energetic for ourselves and our environment.

And this mood could be last long till the end of the day when we start walking. This walk will also help to improve circulation and hormonal balance in our body.

It gives all the energy that the body needed to perform all its works for the whole day and it also keeps you alert and energetic.

9. It controls Cholesterol

Only a certain amount of cholesterol is needed to our body to maintain optimum health and build cell membranes.

If the blood lipids are present in a larger amount this leads to a greater risk of heart disease and if these lipids are present in the form of LDL cholesterol, then it is more harmful.

And at the same time, HDL can also be very harmful. To control these problems, we have to improve our lifestyle by including activities like walking in a fast way.

So that our cholesterol level remains neutral and we remain physically and internally fit and healthy.

10. It helps you socialize

top 10 benefits of morning walk

One of the greatest benefits of a morning walk is that it will help you to become social and to contact other peoples.

During our walk, we don’t have to walk alone, there are several other peoples also. We can talk to them and could also go out for a walk with our friends and our family members.

It is possible to carry a conversation with any other person during our walk. All these things will help you to meet new peoples and make new friends.

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