Tips for silky and smooth hairs

Tips for silky and smooth hairs - As in the previous article we had talked about the top 10 natural ways to get silky and smooth hairs and there we get the idea to what to apply on our hairs to get amazing hairs.

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

But today we will talk about some additional tips, which we have to take care of while using other methods. So, there are some additional tips for making your hairs silky and smooth:

1. Maintain a nourishing and maintain diet

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

To maintain a balance diet with all the protein, vitamins, fats, nutrients, calcium, potassium, etc. are also very important.

If we nourish our hairs from only outside by applying many things on them, it is vain if we don’t give them nourishment from inside.

And to give them nourishment from inside make sure you are giving them a balanced and nourishing diet with all the thing they needed. And also try to maintain your hairs hydrate.

2. Carefully buy the products

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

While buying any of the hair products, we must have to take a look at the ingredients and check that it only contains only natural and organic items in it.

Avoid using non organic styling products. If the product contains harsh chemicals such as SLS and sulphates, they can damage your hairs and remove the layer of natural oils from them.

While if the product contains silicones, it will help to add shine and softness in your hairs also to nourish them very well.

3. Let the Air dry your hair

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

You have to leave the problem of drying your hairs on air instead of using blower, dryer and other electronic products.

Because they make your hair damaged and dull because of the excessive air and the pressure of the air.

You can use the air by gently squeezing your hairs to take out the excessive water from them with a towel and let the air dry them itself. This method will help you to make them soft and smooth.

4. Oil Massage

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

Another method is massaging oil on your scalp and hairs. It will not only give you relaxation but also helps your hairs to regain their natural oils.

And is also very effective in relieving tension and promoting blood circulation of the area. It helps to make our hairs smooth, silky and shiny.

5. Always wash your hairs with cold water

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

Cold water is beneficial for hairs in many different ways. It makes our hairs silky, dandruff free, reduces frizz, add shine in them and increases blood circulation of our scalp.

Cold water seals our hairs cuticles and make them soft and shiny. Instead of hot water we have to use cold water during hair rinse.

Because cold water locks the cell skins of your scalp down flat, it is essentially lessening the occurrence of flakes that appear from dry skin. And is also very helpful in many other things.

6. Prohibit the use of hot styling tools

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

Heat styling tools are one of the most common reason for the damage of our hairs. If we se these types of tool they make our hairs look good but these tools will make them damaged.

If you continuously use these items your hairs will get more hair loss than average, you will suffer from split ends.

Your hairs will not curl anymore, they will start losing shine, they will lose elasticity also and will be hard to manage.

7. Always condition your hairs

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

To condition our hair is a very important thing if we want to make our hairs smooth, healthy, strong and silky.

It is must to use conditioner after using shampoo as it comes to the health of the hairs and to deep condition your hairs would also be a good idea once in a week.

It helps to hydrate your hairs and give them shine and smoothness. If you have extremely dry hairs, you have to use a good and branded conditioner to make them smooth.

8. Don’t over wash hairs

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

Washing our hairs is compulsory and good but if we wash them more than needed, it will damage them.

So, wash your hairs only twice or thrice a week, if you do more than that, your hairs will become dull, they will lose shine and also became dry and lifeless.

9. Use a wide tooth comb

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

There is a very big reason to use wide tooth combs instead of others because it will prevent static and hair damage which is cause by the other types of combs.

These types of combs are very good choice for detangling the hairs and once detangled you can use a boar bristle brush to take the oil from the top to the roots.

And it ensures that your hairs are protected and well nourished. Also avoid combing your hairs while they are wet, because in wet hairs the chance of breaking of hairs were increased.

10. Cut your hairs regularly

additional tips for getting silky and smooth hairs

Cutting or trimming your hairs regularly is very important because it will help to get rid of dandruff, split ends and many other things.

So, it is vital to trim your hairs in every six to seven weeks or we can say in every three months and you will fell light and it will become much easier to apply various hair masks in short hairs.

So, we had given you an idea to make your hairs healthy, glowing, silky, soft and nourishing by only taking care of some normal and daily life things.

Now by taking care of some things and using some methods also, you can make your hairs looking gorgeous and healthy. So, give these methods a try and then fell the change.

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