Responsibilities of APTI in current situation

Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI) founded by Prof M.L. Schroff, Father of Pharmacy profession in India, in 1966 and Prof G.P. Srivastava and others for bringing pharmacy teachers under one umbrella.

APTI has flourished now throughout the country with increase in the number of pharmacy institutions and teachers.

APTI is no doubt actively involved in conducting national conventions; even state APTI branches are not lagging behind in organising seminars and conferences from time to time.

APTI has moved one step ahead by felicitating pharmacy teachers and publishing souvenir/bulletin as well. All these activities of APTI seem to be encouraging but at the same time, ordinary pharmacy teacher seems to be unhappy with the cold response met from APTI.

Pharmacy teacher’s interests are neither protected nor taken care of in terms of getting AICTE pay scales with full emoluments with better service conditions.

Till date so many pharmacy teachers have not opted for life membership because of being less beneficial to them.

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I would suggest that APTI should think in terms being more teachers friendly and think seriously about introduction and implementation of welfare schemes for pharmacy teachers in future. APTI at state level can start placement cell/appointment cell.

Any teacher can opt for placement in Pharmacy College through APTI only. At national level, an endowment fund needs to be created which would be spent in case any pharmacy colleague becomes victim of severe illness, or he may lose job or may get terminated from service or some other adverse conditions could get developed in his life.

I think so many pharmacy institutes have got closed on account of various reasons, what about the fate of pharmacy teachers then. It is here, this fund can help an individual and APTI need to raise its voice under these circumstances.

So an individual can opt for loan on low interest scheme for a certain period of time. No doubt, some proper mechanism needs to be designed to implement these ideas and need broader discussion.

Central leadership and think tank needs to go along way and strengthen this association so that each and every teacher gets attached to it for getting maximum benefits. Further, APTI needs to curtail its expenses during conventions/conferences.

Secondly, I think state level APTI branches can organise activities like seminars, staff development programmes etc in colleges which would enhance the personality and attract pharmacy teacher towards this association.

In case pharmacy teacher is dissatisfied with his career options, naturally he won’t be able to deliver goods properly in the institution.

Written by:
Chandra Shekhar Bhan

professor cs bhan

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