How to speak correct and good English?

How to speak correct and good English - English language is no doubt a foreign language but is an international language as too. At present so many people are extremely interested to speak English and that too fluently.

Speaking English in friend circles, interviews has become so important that people try to learn it by either hook or crook.

In this context so many English speaking institutes are trying their best to attract more and more students by introducing so many attractive packages. They claim to train students within one month or three months.

Not only this, several schools and other academic institutions imparting professional and technical education have hired English spoken trainers in order to impress students about this additional facility.

The basic question arises how to learn and speak English and that too fluently. To my opinion, a person should go through four basic stages to understand and speak English language.

The first stage is that one should listen to this language either through English news or through newspaper or by any means so that one becomes familiar to English words.

The second stage would be to read this language as much as possible through newspaper, periodicals, and magazines and through other sources. The third stage would be to write English and the fourth and final stage is to speak English.

Speaking can be done in front of mirror without any fear or hindrance. One can record his speech through video or audio and observe the mistakes which need to be corrected later.

how to speak correct and good english

Speaking English involves understanding and learning of grammar but not to deeper level but to basic and elementary level only so that one can speak thing things correctly.

The person needs to speak with confidence and loudly. The reading fluency is simply the ability to read a book or text clearly. One should correct pronunciation mistakes until all errors are abolished.

One needs to create a friend circle with English speaking expats by joining some professional networking groups or places that host some events.

It would be better to work in groups of five in the beginning. The training includes greeting of people by speaking simple words of basic etiquette, learning basic sentences of daily use involving food, clothes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and daily routine, introducing people, welcoming of guests, saying thanks in multiple ways, making polite requests and refusals.

The next part of training involves some brief conversations involving certain situations like receiving a telephonic call, receiving a guest, asking for brief introduction, ordering some tea coffee or refreshment in restaurant etc. The next part of training would involve indulging in speech.

One should learn to speak a few lines about some festivals, national events like independence and republic day etc. Lastly one should indulge in group discussions involving a group of five persons in the beginning.

Last but not the least, listen, read, write and speak English constantly for 6-8 hours with passion and setting up of goal to achieve the results. Also, one needs a teacher whom you are supposed to trust.

After interviewing more than 100 school students of Jaipur, like Ritul Choudhary class XII of Hindustan School, Saksham Choudhary class X of Hindustan School, Sneha Sharma class VII, Annu Sharma, Muskan Sharma class VII of Skakti Shiksha School say speaking English is must, must and must.

Written by:
Prof C S Bhan

chandra shekhar bhan

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